Hello, my name is Derek, thanks for stopping by!  I am Certified Financial Planner®, Founder of Intrepid Wealth Partners, and the creator of Love Your Finances.

I have been helping people with their money since 2006 and over the years I have noticed a common attitude, that a lot of people don't feel it is okay to love their money.  What I have also learned is that money is certainly not the root of all evil, and in fact can have tremendous positive impacts when people are taught how to leverage, master, and love their money.

Like most people you probably have had a number of affairs with your money over the years, some good, some bad.  Just like relationships, feelings about money can vary widely, much like a rollercoaster.  I created Love Your Finances to help you learn about your money in a way that makes you feel good and shows you how to use it to realize your hopes, dreams, and goals.

Thank you for visiting and welcome to the LYF Tribe, time to fall in love with and master your money!

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