A Place to Fall in Love with your Money


Love Your Finances was created to give people a place to learn about and learn to Love their Money.  

Money is simply a tool to help us achieve whatever it is we desire.  The problem is that there is no formal education for people to learn about money. 

LYF's mission is to provide a place where people can learn about money, and learn to love their money.


  • The concept of money
  • To think of Money as a tool
  • How it can help us do pretty much anything
  • Why loving these aspects of Money is okay and actually beneficial to us all

People want to be happy.  People want to realize their hopes, dreams, and goals.  We believe that in educating people about money we can empower them to live happier and more meaningful lives.

We welcome questions and ideas on content people would like to learn more about, so please feel free to reach out and tell us what is on your mind.  Make sure to Join Our Tribe to get updates and cool tips from us.

Thank you for being a part of the Love Your Finances movement, it's time to fall in love!

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Derek Notman